Ijiserure and her Senspirations

Who am I? What is this place?

I am IjMy pictureiserure Risu, and I like to draw, take pictures, write, sing, dance, and travel. 

I have a site cause I need a room to do my art and everything else. 

There is so many things that I want to do in my life and this is one of them. 

Just looking for a place to belong, whether be in real life or online.

This is a site that I made for you all to see who I am. 

To enjoy in what I do and in what I’m so passionate about.

Because if I can’t find it out there, then I can try finding it in here. 

I will work my hardest to not to disappoint anybody.

If I could control time, then I would stop it.

So I can use it to do what I like.

Because I feel that time is the least that I have.

If I had time, I can guarantee I would be everywhere right now. 

So welcome to my Artroom, I hope you like it. stocksnap_bbjrn5pxfn

If you feel inspired, then I thank you. 

My goal is to influence you all to do what you desire the most.

Because if I can do it, then I bet that you can too.